Education is a complex network which intensifies the development of students’ . Online learning has been trending and its importance has always been acknowledged. The conventional method mostly presented a mechanistic idea of learning. Conventional approach is so rigid that a student sometimes fail to learn which led to an aversion.

The purpose of online learning is to dispel the aversion and inculcate a natural liking for it. The emphasis is more on the commitment of providing quality education to the students’.

The conventional education has paved a way for providing education online. Online learning has been taking small steps to take over traditional learning methods. It has become a global trend. Educational institutes are shifting to online learning by leaving outdated conventions behind. Analysis from past years indicates about a massive growth in online method of learning.

Conventional learning has multiple dependencies whereas online learning is a one stop for all. Following distance education is socializing online by collaborating with mentors using social learning activities. In a time of crisis, like the pandemic which we are facing today, it is logical to adapt to online learning.

However this low-contact online learning model also have some challenges but most importantly it is convenient to execute without facing any external dependencies which seems to be cost effective. With learn from home transitioning as the new normal turns out ensuring that learning happens constantly, under all difficulties.


FLEXIBILITY – Students can learn in their own space. They can speed up or slow down the learning process according to their own pace. With flexibility students can engage themselves in new things as well because they’re not bounded in a classroom.

COST EFFECTIVE– There are no additional costs or external dependencies. Students can access classes anywhere with a device and access to the internet.

ACCESSIBILITY– Students can access online study material 24 hours. They don’t have to sit for long periods of time. Lessons can be paused when needed and resumed.

EASY TO UPDATE– Online study material can be updated easily with just one click. The problem of reprinting is solved through online learning. Content can be updated and published in quick time with a click. It saves paper too.

CONSISTENT– Online learning meets the learning standards and specifications and also provides training of consistent quality. Everyday a student is updated with a well scheduled class.

The shift from conventional learning to online learning is changing significantly. Recitation techniques delivery is replaced by interactive methods in online learning. The proper blend of learning and engagement online is outpacing traditional classrooms.

Student satisfaction with online learning is high. Educational institutes are quickly adopting online learning methods and supporting it as a necessity.

Learning at a distance can be both supporting and difficult but it depends upon the considerations for the development of online classes and programs. Online learning is leading in number of benefits from convention learning methods. Flexibility and reduced costs gives power to students’ to delegate according to their priorities.

Students’ learn more in online learning as compared to traditional learning because they’ve a control over what they’ve to learn or when they’ve to learn. They can prioritise according to their own commitments. The continuous loop of online learning is better or traditional learning is better can never come to an end. Every student has its own preferences but keeping a step with technology and changes in methods of learning the support is with online learning.

At this point of time pandemic has favored online learning methods over conventional learning methods.

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