This pandemic can be either a benefit or an affliction for the students. The impact of corona virus is spread all over the globe, the wise shutdown of the nation has been a boon or bane for some. Learning got a blend with digital learning replacing the traditional right mix of a classroom.

Though the academics of students have been the hardest hit but this new blend of learning seems like a boon for the students. Online learning has broke the chain of physical barriers. A lot of tremendous changes are made in the education system, white board is replaced with screens, recitation is replaced with innovation but throughout everything teachers remained constant.

Technology is the supporting tool of online learning because this is the only tool to access the resources available. It is a difficult challenge for both teachers and students to keep up the head high with the availability of technology, it should be utilized properly. The demand for online webinars got a hype due to this lock-down this indicates a huge demand for online learning. Both students and teachers are facing connectivity issues sometimes and it has increased the workload too but the statistics show that online study has improved the students ability to grasp information. Students are teachers are left with no option rather than going for online classes.

Safety comes first but keeping education in focus, learning should not be hampered because of any obstacle. India is looking forward to adapt innovating learning and teaching methods which will benefit both students band children.

Virtual learning methods has its own negative and positive implications. In the case of such pandemic positive implications overshadow the negative ones with the help of technology. Saying bye to school bags was tough but who thought learning online would even be more fun. Flexibility in the schedule of learning has helped students to pace learning according to their convenience, it promotes self development and boosts confident. The crisis of pandemic has opened the door of learning with technology. Students can access to information anytime and anywhere it just need a right hand with a proper internet connectivity and a system. Increased productivity has given a positive feedback.



Students can use internet as a helping hand to connect with technology. A good internet connectivity and system will enhance the learning experience. Students can learn anytime and anywhere with internet. The disadvantage is that students can misuse internet and technology by foul surfing on internet.


Students can use the technological resources efficiently and effectively. It will lead in the digital growth. Students can always learn with technology because online is a whole different world. Just like every coin has 2 sides, same is with technology students can mishandle it and get into troubles.


With flexibility students can learn in their own space without compromising the comfort. They can schedule it according to their own convenience. Too much comfort and flexibility can hamper the growth.


Internet is considered no less than a boon in education. Students can develop skills and easily gain access to online courses. They can expand their knowledge with internet. The ability to share information can be done with one click. The only drawback is no classroom learning experience.


This is another feather in the cap for online learning. Finding information one courses gives a direction to the career options available and simplifies decision making. It lacks behind in communication. With a teacher a student can open up-to and look forward to his teachings.

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